Västerskog Beardies
Västerskog Beardies

Västerskog Barnaby

geb. 18.06.2015














Willowmead Prince Regal

Willowmead Class Act


Charncroft Contradiction

Charncroft Cloverglen


Bendale Secrets Out At Charncroft


Barkly Bagatelle of Willowmead

Caramac Consort


GBCH. Willowmead A Star Is Born


Willowmead Crown Princess


Caramac Crown Prince

GBCH. Potterdale Just William


Caramac Cantabila


Willowmead Spring Symphony

GBCH. Woodacre Wynter Knight


Willowmead The Perfect Star


Well-Guard’s Delight Malin

Final Black Jack Von St. Laurentia

Anton Vom Tailleur

Buster Vom Talas


Reni Vom Tailleur


Dorle Von St. Laurentia

Brown Buster Von Der Steinsklöbe


Adele Von St. Laurentia


Drover’s Lane Fairness

DtJCH. Drover’s Lane Darrington

GERCH.VDH. Drover’s Lane Buttertubs


Low-Pep Liza


GERCH. Scottsdale Blue Note

DKCH. Sammara Midas Touch



Potterdale Piccadilly





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